How to Get the Most Money by Selling a Second Hand Car ?

Buying a car is only half the deal, the real deal begins when you have to sell a used car. 
Shopping for and purchasing a new or used car that meets one’s needs at the lowest attainable
price is a daunting task. The consumers should put in as much effort into selling their existing car
as they did to buy it, to get the best overall deal. Here’s how you can get the most money out of
your current car. No matter, whether you’re planning on selling it to a dealer, or are looking to
strike a deal with a private party.
Prepare your car for sale
It always pays to improve the appearance of your vehicle before putting it out on a sale. You can
have the minor dents and scratches removed. Give the vehicle a good washing and a fresh coat of
wax. vacuum out the interior, use a plastic cleaner on the dashboard and other hard surfaces,
clean the windows and give the seats and carpeting a good once-over with upholstery or leather
Determine the worth of your car
Research the market value of your car online and offline in the market. Estimates may be based
on how well the car is equipped. what is the mileage and of course the condition at the time of
selling? You must check the price according to the person you are selling it to whether its a third
party or a dealer. 
You should be prepared to sell your car at the right time with the right kind of preparation.
Afterall sales are not everyone's cup of tea.
Here are a few tips you can use when selling your used vehicle.
Preventive Care 
Taking care of your car today will help you get a better return in the future, Some of the
preventive care methods like oil changes and safe driving can help you keep your car in a good

Here are a few tips :

  • Oil Change – Motor oil keeps your engine in proper working condition by lubricating its
    moving parts. This protective barrier also regulates engine temperature and prevents
    corrosion, which could lead to very dangerous and expensive damage that will show up
    on your vehicle history report.
  • Keep Clean – It may not seem like it, but keeping your car clean will help with your
    resale value. Taking your car through a touch-free car wash on a regular basis will help
    prevent paint from fading and could even prevent rust.
  • Safe Driving – A bit of a no brainer, but accidents dramatically decrease the value of
    your car. Even when repaired, a car that has been repaired following an accident is a red
    flag on the vehicle history report. Even if the outside looks good, the buyer has no way of
    knowing any residual effects of the accident and may choose to avoid the risk altogether
    Gear up 


As discussed before, cleaning your vehicle and clicking good photos can do the trick. Prepping

your car up in an eye-manner can help a lot. Click detailed shots from every angle. Keep the
background in check. Don't forget to eliminate distractions like garbage dumps etc from the
After you have followed the above steps put up a consolidated write-up. You can provide all the
necessary documents required. Whether you’re sharing online or in-person, offering as much

information as possible gives car buyers confidence that you’re not trying to hide anything. This
transparency creates a foundation of trust which will help you secure your ideal asking price.